Refund and Cancellation Policy - Gossimer


(1) All Clear Balance pending in the Advance Account maybe reimbursed fully to the Customer, on request of the Customer. Such Request must be sent to Gossimer in the manner prescribed by Gossimer.

(2) All bank charges applicable and a reasonable processing fee will be deducted from this amount. All Refunds and Reimbursements will take up to 14 Business Days from the date of receipt of the request, to process.

(3) Gossimer will not be responsible for any differences in the reimbursement amount due to Fluctuation in International Currency rates. Gossimer will determine in its sole discretion appropriate conversion rates for currency exchange

(4) Gossimer will not refund any amount that has already been debited to the Customers Advance Account under any circumstances.

Domain names are not subject to any refund, however we offer a full 30 day refund for all other services.