Guaranteed and Effective Privacy Policy of Gossimer

Gossimer believes in integrity, and this is why we have set rules and regulations that govern the manner, in which we collect, use, maintain and disclose information collected from our customers. These rules apply to those visiting our site as well as those who buy our products and services.

Personal identification information

Gossimer has a number of ways through which your personal identification details may be collected. If you register and willingly submit your name, emails address, phone number, or credit card information through placing an order, subscribing to the news letter or from responding to a survey which are related to Gossimer, your details will be filed and stored in the database. You are free not to give out this information if you so wish, but it will limit your access to certain areas of the website.

Non-personal identification information

These are the details about a user that do not directly touch on his or her personal life, and are collected when a user is interacting with our website. This includes information such as the type of browser the user might be using, the computer type, some other technical information like the means of connection to the site, user's operating system, the ISP provider etc.

Web browser cookies

Cookies are used to increase the level of customer experience. The web browser that a user uses place the cookies on his or her hard drive for the purpose of record keeping or to track information about the user. Users may decide to set their web browser to disable cookies or alert them when the cookies are sent, but decision not to accept cookies might translate to improper functioning of some portions of the site.

How we use collected information

The personal information collected by Gossimer from its users is used for given purposes:

For personalizing user experience

The information compiled can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the way the users utilize the resources and services provided on the site.

For site improvement

Continuous improvement of the website based on data collected from users is aimed at maintaining customer satisfaction.

To upgrade customer service

The information received helps the customer care response team to effectively address the issues raised by users concerning the company.

To fulfill transactions

Information provided by users when placing order is used to specifically facilitate the provision of that order and no such detail is shared to a third party unless his involvement would mean accomplishment of the client's demand.

To share contents of relevance to the user.

Provide clients with periodic updates on specific services they already subscribed to be updated on.

To dispense periodic emails

Mails will only be sent to a specific address provided by the user. Only the information requested by the client will be sent to his address. Such information may include updates on orders already placed and details that pertains to the company's holistic progress. If at any time a client wishes to discontinue the mails being sent to him by the company, he may do so by dialing the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the mail list.

Ways by which information is protected

With an understanding of client's demand for security, the company has put in place several measures to ensure that personal information such as passwords, username and all the transaction details remain safely kept away from fraudsters.

The communication channel is SSL secured, encrypted and fully protected using the digital signatures. The site also follows the PCI (vulnerability standards) to enhance its full security.

Sharing of personal information

The company does not share out private information about its clients to anyone for the achievement of any form of income. Only authorized information, not in any way linked to the personal life of clients, if circumstances require, can be shared out to reliable business associates with an aim of improving services delivery.

Change of privacy policy

Privacy policies are subject to changed by the company at any time. When this happens, Gossimer makes it its top priority to inform its clients about the same. A notification about the same is placed on the main page of the Gossimer's site, the updated date at the bottom of the page is revised and then a mail is sent to all subscribed users informing about the same.

We call upon our customers to frequent our privacy policy page because the page is updated regularly. It is your responsibility to help us help you protect your personal information.

Acceptance of the terms of use

The company assumes that anyone who uses this site has automatically accepted to comply with the terms and policy of service delivery. Anyone who continues to use this site even after changes have been made to these terms will 'also be assumed to have accepted to go by the new terms set.