Website backup that just works

Automatic backups

CodeGuard works behind the scenes.
Which means you can turn it on and sit
back while CodeGuard takes regular
backups of your data.

Hassle-free setup

Since CodeGuard is cloud-based, setting it
up is a snap – simply add your website
connection details to start the backup

30-day Money-back guarantee

Try out CodeGuard and see how easy it is
to secure your website. With our 30-day
Money-back period, you've got nothing to

How it works


Connect your website

Connect your website to CodeGuard
using your SFTP/MySQL information. Once
connected, an initial backup will start


Get regular backup updates

CodeGuard automatially monitors your
website's files & databases for changes,
performs backups and notifies you by


Restore from any point

Restore your website's files & database to
any previous backup version by
downloading a zip file, performing an
automatic restore or restoring individual files.

Note: Only MySQL databases are currently supported. Learn more about CodeGuard

Customers love CodeGuard!

More than 200,000 websites and databases use CodeGuard