Our internet infrastructure is composed of clusters of different machines with high availability, running on diverse applications and operating systems and located in strategic positions across the globe.
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Optimum uptime depends highly on a system with effective monitoring. Today's internet companies maintain hundreds of virtual servers managing unspecified work load in every server. This poses a major challenge in manually verifying individual servers for functionality 24 hours a day, all day of the week. Without an efficient system in place, companies run the risk of prolonged service interruptions that can result to damage and business loss. A simple but undetected system glitch can cause major malfunction in the whole system with disastrous results. Our efficient monitoring system ensures that our system administrators are fully equipped to deal with any problem by providing them with a bird's eye-view of the diversely located system of infrastructure. We keep a close look on a vast quantity of parameters related to the working condition of all servers and the individual services running in each one of them.

Service monitoring include:
  • Server Disk Space, CPU and Memory Usage
  • FTTP, HTTP and HTTPS web services
  • Network Connectivity
  • IMAP, POP & SMTP Email services
  • DNS services
  • MSSQL, MySQL database services
  • All Log Files

Plus more... if any of our servers or services fail or if the use of resources exceeds the allowable limit, an immediate notification pops up at once on the computer screen of all staff in charge of monitoring infrastructure integrity. The alert system also automatically escalates an unresolved issue within a given timeframe. SMS notifications are immediately sent out to upper systems administrators and eventually to higher management. All safeguards in place allow us to identify and mediate concerns immediately and guarantees utmost uptime for our valued customers.