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You can transfer your existing domains to us today. To get started, simply enter the domains below, one per line - do not include the www. or http://

If you renewed your domain when it expired under the old registered name, do not conduct a transfer within a 45-day period, because you would not get the free expiry date extension, and the renewal fees would also be lost to the old registrar. There is a certain prohibition by ICANN and Registry regarding domains registered within the past 60 days. Wait until 60 days has passed, from the registration date or previous transfer, before applying.

Domain Name Transfer: With Gossimer.com, you can save a lot of money on transfers of domain names. You would get freebies such as 2 free email accounts, DNS service, unrestricted forwarding of emails, amongst others, as well as technical support from the team

Experience an Effortless Domain Transfer with Gossimer

Transfer of domain names the Gossimer way can be described with just one word: effortless! Yes, we at Gossimer will help you in transferring your domain name with so much ease that you wouldn't even feel the impact. What's more is that we provide you with other services too with no extra cost on your end. Some of the services that we provide you free of charge with your domain transfer transaction with us are: privacy and theft protection, unlimited forwarding of mails, fully functional DNS service, and two extra email accounts for free. We will sweeten the deal by giving you a one year extension of your domain name without additional cost. Yes, you read that right! But let's reiterate: you will have an extension of your domain name without paying a dime!

So how does it work? If your domain name is going to expire on the 10th of May 2012 and you requested for a domain transfer on the 15th of April 2012, once the process of transferring is completed, your new expiration date will on the 10th of May 2013. Yes, that is one full year of extension with no questions asked. Even if you still have 11 months left before the domain expiration date, you will still get the full year extension. That means that you'll have a total of 23 months of free domain use. We also guarantee seamless and risk-free transfer of domain names. If in case a transfer fails, we will give you full credit of the amount you paid for the transfer with no questions asked. And during the process, we ensure that there is no downtime, which means that it's business-as-usual for you!