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In the internet, nobody feels secure sending out or receiving vital information. A great deal of online users would prefer to leave a page when asked to present information like name and email address. This is because they are anxious that the information they will provide will be used somewhere else. Getting your website a SSL Certificate is the best way to establish trust with your users. Activate your SSL and build confidence among your users.

Protect your website with Thawte SSL Certificates -

  • We offer Thawte SSL Certificates from Verisign, the worldwide pioneer in offering SSL digital certificate.
  • Thawte is the trailblazer and the most well-known digital certificate among internet users today. Website owners trust this brand name more than anything else because of its reliability.
  • With Thawte certificate in your website, your customers will be assured that they will be safe when they browse through your website.

SSL certificates:

Cost-effective and Dependable Website Security

SGC SuperCert Attributes
  • 256-bit encryption max
  • Optimal browser detection
  • Auto-upgrade for old browsers
  • Strict business authentication
  • Activation within 48 hours
  • Trusted Site Seal from Thawte
  • Limitless Reissues for Free
  • IDN, SGC and Step-up Technology Support
  • Supports SGC and step-up Technology

SGC SuperCert not only provides the advantages of web server certificate, it also guarantees optimum encryption standard. Customers with older versions of browsers need not worry as the system will automatically step-up their encryption capability. Whether they are using a 40-bit or 56-bit encryption, they will surely feel secure in your website. SGC SuperCert provides the assurance that any information submitted by your customers is safely encrypted based on the highest industry standard for encryption. Together with your corporate brand, you can build a foundation of trust with your customers. Serious ecommerce sites like yours need an equally resolute brand of certificate. This is the perfect match for you.

Why Do You Need to Purchase your Digital Certificate from Gossimer?

  • Solid collaboration with the finest in digital certificate industry
    Our rock-solid relationship with Thawte gives us the unprecedented opportunity to offer the most reliable digital certificate from the most trusted name in the industry. The Thawte brand is synonymous trust and reliability. Being the pioneer in the SSL certificate field, it has established its name as the most recognizable and respected provider of digital certificates. There are cheaper brands in the market, but signing up with this Verisign company provides you the assurance and security that comes only with established market brands!
  • Incomparable Quality
    Do not lose business opportunities because you don't have the right SSL certificate in your website. Many internet users just simply leave a website because they feel threatened in giving out their information. With the Thawte brand conspicuously displayed in your website, you are providing your prospective customers a strong assurance of safety and reliability. Don't just go for cheap certificates; Thawte SSL offers you value for your money like no other.
  • Choose the best package the meet your needs
    We have a list of digital certificates that will match your business needs. You can select one from our offers, the one which will meet your needs the best depending on the magnitude of your security requirement and the size of your website.
Trusted Site Seal from Thawte

Getting your Thawte SSL Certificate will allow you to display in your website the Thawte Trusted Site Seal (see example below) that will automatically upload your information to their website.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal is a strong assurance that you can provide to your customers. It is a strong statement that whatever information your customers shares with you, these will be completely secured. Thawte is the leading and most respected brand in the internet industry when it comes to digital certificates. Your customers can even verify the veracity of your certificate by clicking on the seal and they will be provided with a confirmation of validity real-time.
Process of Verification

Completing the process for enrolling your digital certificate is a simple, four-step process:

  • Private and Public Key Generation. If you bought web-hosting services from us for your domain name, you can easily generate both private and public keys through your control panel by providing some required information. If your web-hosting is from another provider, you need to coordinate with them to provide you with your private and public keys. It is important to remember that your private key is only known to you, regardless if we are your web hosting provider or not. Keep it securely in place.
  • Submission of Details to Thawte. From your control panel, you need to provide Thawte certain information for verification. Simply log-in to the control panel and search the domain name you ordered a digital certificate for. Click the Enroll Certificate knob, provide the required verification details, and hit the Enroll button.
  • Once the Digital Certificate is enrolled, Thawte will get in touch with the corporate/technical contact of your account to provide Thawte with required documentation.
  • Thawte will waste no time in verifying the data you forwarded through the enrollment process so that a digital certificate can be issued to you immediately. You can monitor your enrollment status by clicking in your control panel the "Check Certificate Status" button. Depending on the certificate type that you chose, the process can only take a few minutes to two days.
For any further queries with regard to authenticating your Digital Certificate, please visit: