Plans for Disaster Recovery and Protection of Data

Most companies rely on the consistent flow of data to keep their businesses running. This includes 100% uptime that allows constant online accessibility. We have put in place rock-solid solutions to protect your information against the disastrous effect of system failure, software malfunction, and data loss due to virus or hacking.

Raid Technology: Live Backup

We use the top-of-the-line RAID hardware to safeguard all data in our servers against hard disk failures. This technology operates by automatically creating a mirror-image of all information in multiple hard drives. This is done simultaneously to ensure that in the event of a failure in one hard drive, your data is still securely saved in other hard disks. The inoperable hard disk will be deactivated, but you will still be able to function without delay because you will be working on the data saved on other hard disks. This is an effortless method on your end as you don't need to modify your website to avail of this functionality.

RAID system is far more advantageous than non-RAID methods in terms of maintaining one hundred percent uptime and protection of data. The system continues to work completely even with disk failures. RAID technology allows improved performance of different services across the servers.

When a hard disk malfunctions, notifications are immediately dispatched so that system administrators can replace straight away the unusable hard disk. This allows the system to function uninterrupted by utilizing the data mirrors in other hard disks.

Server Backups 24/7

Important information and data are saved in different locations within a server. Our SMEs or subject-matter-experts implemented a thorough research and have prepared multifaceted backup scripts that run in auto-mode to copy all vital information and folders in a protected mode. This is done on pre-determined intervals that will allow us to fix and restore the service of the server in case of complete failure.

Your Backup Policy Manager (Web Hosting Packages Only)

Our services keep all your important data. Majority of our products have incorporated Backup Manager that affords an across-the-board and relatively inexpensive protection by permitting you to classify highly adaptable policies that will safeguard your most important data. Our internet-based backup manager provides a user-friendly one-step process to identify the scope of back, its frequency, and backlogs.