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Do you really need enterprise email hosting?


If you, like me, have just started your own blog or small business, the question-“do I really need enterprise email hosting?”-must have crossed your mind. You might have also wondered whether it is actually necessary to incur an additional cost to purchase and set up enterprise email hosting, when you already have free email hosting and are on a tight budget. Well, the answer here would definitely be yes.

One of the primary reasons for a small business or start up to purchase enterprise email hosting is the trust that it imparts to the company. Having a designated email allows you to easily gain the most precious thing that is required for a company, which is, the trust of your customers. With the increase in number of frauds, especially online frauds, has made it very difficult for small businesses, as well as, established businesses to earn the trust of customers. Often, if customers see you owning a free email hosting provider, they would give you the needed attention. By using a paid email hosting, companies can easily feature their company name in the email address, thereby, providing a level of trust for your customers and building brand recognition. Hence, having an enterprise email hosting allows a company to establish easily its reputation with present and potential customers.

Gaining the trust of your customers, is not the only benefit that enterprise email hosting provides. It also provides the secured communication facilities to the company, as well as, the customers. Customers often prefer not to have their information shared with a third party, and it is often the company’s responsibility to safeguard the confidential information of the customers and company’s employees too. The best way to provide security to all the information within communication channels is to buy email hosting and not use third party free email as the enterprise email hosting providers provide built-in firewall with the email hosting service which protects the email accounts from viruses.

Irrespective the size of the company, over a period of time, all organizations will need storage space for their growing emails. In fact, losing an important email due to lack of storage can make a fatal impact on the customer. Hence, it is always advisable for companies to purchase enterprise email hosting providers as they provide organizations with larger mail box sizes and additional storage space, which free email hosting providers often do not provide. In fact, enterprise email services providers also allow organizations to customize storage space for their customers. Another crucial feature that all companies should have is support for its email services. Many a times, company may land up losing emails and information due a certain technical glitch. This can easily be avoided if a company has a support team that is not only monitoring, but also maintaining the systems. It is for this reason; one should always opt for an enterprise email service provider as they provide you with the essential support service. This feature is often missing from free email service providers.

Many email providers also make available specialized email services with additional features to help business on the go. For instance, email service providers provide numerous apps and plugins, such as, schedulers to automatically operate time-consuming calendar tasks, shared contacts and tasks that can be accessed not only through desktops but also through mobile devices. These small gadgets help to bring efficiency in operations and allow organizations to be connected from all places.

Go for your own personalized e-mails!


Now-a-days, maximum number of businesses is opting for the latest enterprise/corporate e-mails for better connectivity and credibility. Gone are those days when companies used to rely on the free hosting services by Google and Yahoo. Professional email solutions have become the first choice if every business person. As the name suggests, these enterprise e-mails are dedicated for a particular company. That means you not only get a personalized email host but also a fully dedicated server for rapid exchange of the messages. Enterprise emails are strictly used for the businesses and organizations. A typical corporate email address will contain company’s name inside it. For example, abc@companyname.com is a characteristic business email address.

Professional email IDs like these provide dual benefits of offering credibility to the business and promoting the company name. The name of company will always stay on the front in every email being exchanged. This ultimately creates a strong brand name of the company. Also it instills a sense of responsibility on the employee’s part to act and respond on behalf of the company. Every hosting firm today supports enterprise email hosting solutions. These hosting services can be easily customized as per the requirements. The customizable attributes include the web and disc storage space, bandwidth and security options. Some of the enterprise emails work on the basis of cloud technology where one personalized email is hosted by a bunch of scattered web resources and server based on the needs.

Plus points of enterprise emails

Enterprise email hosting is intended towards making your communication much more professional as well as improving the brand value.

  1. Exchange emails more professionally:
    It is very much true that enterprise emails add an extra dose of professionalism into the internal as well as the external business communications. Personalised emails being very convincing are known to create a better impact on your partners, stakeholders and potential clients.


  1. Strong administrative controls:
    Enterprise emails come with distinct administration controls like selection of authorized personals who can access the company mails, type of attachments that can be sent, rights and other privileges.


  1. Add on features:
    This kind of hosting comes with customer specific storage space options and customizable mail box size options. Mail monitoring and mail grouping also provided.


  1. White-label hosting:
    With such type of professional hosting, you can keep your own logo on the hosted email account. This will definitely create a strong online identity and improve your brand value in market.


  1. Not so costly:
    Looking at the benefits offered, one might rate enterprise emails as one of the most expensive hosting solutions. But this is not true. They are very cost effective and therefore a good investment indeed.

How e-mail hosting can benefit you?


E-mail is considered to be one of the frequent and safest modes of communication, especially in the business field. They are widely used for exchanging confidential and important subject matters. However, with new modes of communication like instant text messaging and social media sites coming in the picture, the charm of e-mails have started to disappear. This is what most people believe. But it is not the complete truth. E-mails are still prevalent in the businesses.

Businesses can either go for the free mail accounts provided by Yahoo and Gmail or personalised enterprise e-mail solutions. The latter is different from the former one in a way that it offers a dedicated server and web space. Also, it has a unique domain name similar to the organisation’s name. Business e-mails give more professional outlook and credibility to the business. Going for such e-mail solutions can make your business much more visible than before and help you maintain a stable communication with the customers and clients.

A business can easily afford these email hosting services without spending any extra costs. No manpower is required to manage the e-mails.

Top benefits of this hosting

  1. Business goes more professional
    Email hosting helps in establishing your business by promoting it through the emails. Once you make a good reputation in the market, more and more people will try connecting with you. They will very well know that they are dealing with the professionals.


  1. Building a brand value
    Professional or business emails are associated with easy to memorize and distinct domain addresses. They instigate the customers to visit your website and know more about your business, building a brand value in the market. Also, helps in gaining the client’s trust and confidence. In this way, it also acts like a marketing tool.


  1. Less expensive
    when you compare the benefits with cost price, they appear to be very minimal. Business emails are considered to be a wise and valuable investment in long run.


  1. High levels of security
    Web companies offering such type of hosting solutions endow their servers with industry level encryption. The entire data and other credentials being exchanged online are encrypted. No third unauthorized party is allowed to access the information of any kind.


  1. Other features
    Additional attributes such as synchronized address books, in-built spam or virus filters are also provided. You also get adequate storage space for storing important messages in inbox.

Personalized e-mail hosting


The entire business communications today are done over the e-mails and this is the reason why e-mails are considered to be an inevitable part of the businesses. To make your business conversations more secure and sound, you need a dedicated e-mail server that is possible with a personalized email hosting service only. Dedicated enterprise e-mail systems not only offer secure platform for email conversations but also provide an effective management platform for storing important e-mails. There are many companies out there in the market that offer wide variety of enterprise email hosting solutions on big platforms.

When you go on an online market research, you will find a number of reasons that will push you towards the online business email hosting services. What is so different with the enterprise emails? Why they should be preferred over the conventional email hosts when you own a business or an organization?

  1. Enterprise emails use your company name as a part of your official or work email id. This provides both credibility and professionalism to the business or organization. Professional email services include company’s name in the email address. For example: abc@kctradings.in signifies that mail is directed from KC trading’s industry.


  1. Enterprise emails can be accessed from any kind of device operating on the latest operating systems and has interactive user interface. This is because modern emails are hosted on the new cloud technology. An option for synchronizing the e-mails with your smart phones, tablet or PCs is also available.


  1. As it runs on a single dedicated server, enterprise email is more secured than a conventional mail. Hence, confidential company information or other such details can be safely exchanged between two ends on enterprise email platforms.


  1. With business email solutions, your IT staff gets better administration control over making important changes in the email settings like what all kind of attachments can be exchanged or the maximum number of files  that can be sent at a time. In short, they can be easily customized using control panel.


  1. Using the latest technology based defenses, the systems of enterprise e-mails are able to detect and eliminate every kind of spam threats and malware activities occurring inside the software.


  1. By providing an instant backup and disaster recovery options, it protects all your relevant data in extreme conditions. Also offers data loss prevention policies. All the activities taking place in the system are held under surveillance by a team of experts.

With secured e-mail solutions and powerful features like ones found in PC email clients, Enterprise emails offer the best of both worlds to their users.

Know more about Enterprise email hosting

The fact that e-mails have become an indispensible part of everyone’s life can’t be denied. With time, e-mails have emerged as a powerful tool for communication. Being hassle free and very instant, it has become the favourite choice of the business owners. It is true that over 90 percent of the business deals and conversations are done over the e-mails. This means that you need to have a very strong and secured e-mail server for exchanging confidential messages. Using the common free e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo is very common. But what if a business owns its private e-mail host and a dedicated server?

This is what happens in the Enterprise e-mail hosting. Only a few people who are in business are aware of it. But with the competition rising in the market, every business firm now seeks to have its own customised business e-mail account. It serves dual purpose of giving a secured e-mail server for safe exchange of e-mails and providing a credible image to the business as well. Dedicated enterprise e-mail hosting solutions are ideal for those business organisations that are looking for customised e-mail systems for their dedicated hardware. You will find a number of Enterprise e-mail solutions in market such as Microsoft Exchange, ZixCorp and Zimbra.

Enterprise e-mails: what you need to know?

There are a number of things about this kind of e-mail hosting that are known by only a few people:

  • Used as a marketing tool:
    Most of the companies might be using customised e-mail solutions for exchanging important e-mails without knowing that they are marketing for their business name. Yes, it is true enterprise or business e-mails promote your business by carrying its name in the e-mail addresses. In this way, your organisation appears to be more professional and credible as well.


  • Provides credibility:
    Business e-mails help the potential clients in associating the brand name (its positive) with the e-mails. Every time they visit your official website, they can easily associate the name. In this way, your business gets wide recognition and its brand value alleviates.


  • Easy to customise:
    Many people don’t know this fact that in business e-mails you can decide the web space, security level, tools and devices to be synchronised. The company offering this service gives you the freedom for choosing the above stated regulars.

Looking upon its benefits, some of you might rate the business-email services beyond the reach of a common or mid-size business. But the reality is, customised enterprise e-mails are available for all types of businesses, whether they are small-medium or large scale.


Secured E-mail based hosting services

It is very true that e-mails in this modern day are considered to be one of the safest and rapid modes of communicating information. For any business organisation, business e-mails carry a great importance. The rising use of business e-mails inside the firms is evident of the above stated point. This is why dedicated e-mail hosting services were introduced in the cyber market. The email hosting service lets you have multiple devoted email accounts on your domain names. It helps in maintaining professionalism and managing the important emails, coming and going out of firm. In short, it helps in customising the email requirements as per the business needs. With this form of e-mail hosting, a web user can use his domain name as the address while sending the business mails.

These hosting services greatly differ from the conventional end user email service providers including the web-mail sites. Email host providers have the ability to manage the domain name of the user in case if he has not registered for one. Right from the basic mail to the advanced premium mail options, email host service providers offer variety of dedicated server email host options.

Who all can go for it?

People who don’t wish to register for a domain name for their website or host it separately, business e-mail hosting is ideal for them. Businesses can use their specific domain names for starting up the customized email addresses. This form of hosting is generally adopted by the large enterprises that are required to maintain customised email addresses for their respective domain names.

Advantages of email hosting

Email hosting service comes along with several benefits; some of them are listed below:

  • Security:
    With email hosting, comes along the high levels of security that provides safety to the entire communication network. The service comes with embedded tools such as POP and IMAP that ensures no credentials get lost or accessed by unauthorised parties. These embedded web safety tools encrypt the entire data and information making them private such that no outsider can view it easily.


  • Address book sharing:
    With this feature, users can add contacts to their address book as well as share them online with fellow workers. Also, users get adequate storage space for accumulating incoming mails.


  • Spam and virus filters:
    Email hosting comes with spam and virus filtering capabilities that ensure all the spam mails remain out of your inbox and you get to read only the important mails.

Other than being reliable and economical, email hosting grants a professional image to the business.




How E-mail hosting is useful?

Of all modes of communication, E-mail is considered to be most effective and professional one for exchange of business ideas and information. This is the reason as to why e-mail caries a lot of importance inside the corporate firms and institutions. Any business for initial setup and successful run requires a good e-mail hosting which can take care of all its connectivity requirements. It has become an indispensible part of any business organisation seeking to extend its reign and increase productivity as well. Basically in this type of online hosting, various e-mail servers are hosted by the hosting company with the help of several software applications. It is quite a tough task. With this all your communication needs right from the technical support to transfer of messages are taken care of by the hosting companies. Most of the businesses therefore, are adverting towards the hosting companies for getting great e-mail hosting solutions.

With such hosting services, businesses are no longer required to look after or manage the communication operations for themselves. Also, no additional manpower for controlling or managing the servers is required. E-mail hosting offers a stable communication at relatively less price. Since all the e-mail addresses carry the domain name of your business/brand, e-mail hosting options provides a credible profile to the entire business. Yet, while choosing a good email hosting service provider, ensure to check for few factors like the cost and quality of the services offered.

Here are some advantages of e-mail hosting that can surely compel you to go for this kind of hosting:

  • Adequate space for storage:
    Almost every host service providing company offers a flexible or rather a customisable space for storing essential information, codes or data online. The storage limit can be extended based on the user requirements.


  • Security:
    With e-mail hosting, you get high levels of security for your servers. All the hosting servers are secured using industry encryption tools like POP and IMAP. The entire transition processes are encrypted which means all the data stored on server and that is being exchanged is secured and cannot be misused. No third person or an unauthorised body has access to stored data.


  • Sharing the address book:
    This additional feature lets you share all your contacts in your address book with other e-mail users on server.


  • Virus and Spam filtration:
    The Anti-Spam and Anti-virus filters always make sure that no spam mails or fictitious viruses could break into the server systems and make their way to the mailboxes. Hence, keep your mailboxes safe and secure.

Why business email hosting is beneficial?

In this modern world of digital media and social networking sites, e-mails still remain on the top of the list when it comes to business communications. Every day thousands of business mails are exchanged around the globe. A number of free email host services are available in the market that let you send emails without paying any price. These include Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. However, they also have their own limitations like suffixed extensions and not providing a professional e-mail ID. Switching to business e-mail hosting is the best alternative to free host providers. This not only helps you build a brand name and unique identity but also provides credibility to the business.

Business e-mails are specially designed for business and used by the corporate people. When you opt to go for business mail hosting, you get to exchange mails via personalised e-mail accounts.  Almost every business e-mail username and the address include the company name in it. These professional email accounts provide dual benefits of representing/advertising the company name and authorising a person to exchange views/information on behalf of the company. With business mail hosting, you get several other benefits like:

  • Bringing professionalism in communication:
    You can add the professional factor in all your business communications, internal and external as well just by using the dedicated business web hosting. Just by sending a business proposal to your potential client via the dedicated business mails will surely improve its impact. It will surely appear to be more influential and professional.


  • Low on pocket:
    The success of almost every business depends upon how efficient its e-mail hosting is. Yet most of them refrain from investing in good e-mail hosting services. When compared to the benefits they offer, e-mail accounts cost nothing. Opposite to what they look like, business e-mail host services are relatively cost-effective.


  • Better features
    with business e-mails, you get enhanced features like customisable size of the e-mail inbox, extension of storage space, mail grouping and monitoring of the mails. Enterprise e-mail host services offer additional features like sharing of contacts, easy back-ups and recovery of the trashed items.


  • Free marketing:
    the white-label mail hosting lets you use the company logo on all e-mails you send. Also, with this you can simply use your brand name for advertising your company. You can also keep the service provider’s identity hidden. This is the reason as to why most businesses prefer going for white-label mail hosting.

E-mail Hosting: The mantra of success

Technology has simplified things for the business houses and helped them to reach out for their potential customers. And net technology is definitely one which has taken things to new heights. Many features have been added to this web technology, and one of them is the email hosting.

If you have a domain name and want the facilities of emails to be added to it, you need to avail the services of the email servers, and for that your need to sign up for an email hosting services.

In layman’s terms, it is a service which facilitates you to send and receive emails. And, there are two types of emails services, free and paid. The free email services allow you create an account and send and receive emails, or files across the net to a remote location. You can recollect the services of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. to name a few. Paid email hosting is all the same, but with the difference that the email service provider allows you to add your domain name to the email address you are creating.


When you opt for the paid email services, your emails get a professional look, which in itself can say volumes about you. Then, your email data gets security and protection as well. For just in case, your system crashes, all your emails and files are not necessarily lost, as there is a backup for your emails and files in the email services provided to you, hence you get an added protection.

Opting of email hosting services is a cheaper option rather than creating your own email host, as you may need huge resources in form of servers, IT experts, space, and of course, loads of money and efforts. However, if you opt for professional email hosts to look up for your email services, everything falls on them to maintain the services.

Email services are the backbone of business houses, hence you need the services to be up and running all the time, and with professional webhosts taking care of your emails, you can be at easy and focus at other areas.

The email services provide additional features like unlimited forwarders, auto-responders, online storage, mailing lists, calendars, backups, archiving, and managing contacts, folders, etc. to name some of them.

So, needless to say that almost all of us do at times make use of these services, whether paid or free, email hosting has gone a long way to change the way we live. You may be at anywhere on the globe, you can still be accessed, thanks to email hosts.

Why businesses need enterprise email hosting



In case you own a company [regardless of whether you just started up or even of it is simply a small business] there are very many reasons why you should not make use of the free email hosting services. Instead of making use of free email hosting services, it is advised that you use any additional funds to pay for enterprise email hosting service. Doing so is very important because paying for email hosting with help you earn your clients trust which also doubles up as one of the most precious gifts for any online investor.

The following are five main reasons why businesses need enterprise email hosting

a)      Company Trust

Using paid email hosting means both your email and your employees email IDs will feature the name of your company. This in turn will help you earn the trust of your target clients as well as help you portray your brand image in the way you best thing is appealing to clients. all these will in turn showcase your company as one which can be trusted hence you’ll have an easy time carrying out business online since you’ll have already earned the trust of your clients.

b)      Secured Communication

Paying for email hosting serves as a guarantee for secure communication since any of the businesses’ information or communication channels will never be vulnerable to any third parties without prior authorization. What’s more you will also have an inbuilt firewall which will provide additional security to mail accounts under your watch from viruses.

c)      Larger and Customized Storage Space

Unlike free email hosting which provides very limited storage, enterprise email hosting service provides businesses with large mail boxes ruling out any possibilities of even running out of email storage space.

d)      Technical Support

Paying for enterprise email hosting service qualifies businesses to enjoy assistance from a team of trained professional who have experience in handling email related technicalities. This in turn serves as a guarantee that your email will forever remain operational at its best. From the support teams businesses can also access their log reports as well which are very important when carrying out analysis after a delivery failure.

e)      Advanced Features for Mobile Devices

Businesses which take advantage of enterprise email hosting services stand to benefit more from advanced features that make part of most mobile business devices widely being used at the moment. For instance, such businesses will have an easy time handling their schedules since accessing mails, checking calendars as well as task management will never be any problem

These are simply some of the few reasons why businesses need to take advantage of enterprise email hosting. This being the case, as a company owner, feel free to take advantage of this option to enjoy the available corporate email solutions which definitely increases overall productivity