Domain Names and Your Business

Vital Steps in Getting a Domain Name for Your Website

A domain name is perhaps the most important aspect of your website.  This is perhaps one of the first things they will see.  The domain tells you about the site itself.  Look at sites like www.foodtv.com, or corporate websites like www.microsoft.com, you know immediately what you are getting into.  It is what your viewers will automatically relate your business to.

Your domain name is also referred to as your web address.  This is basically your address in the World Wide Web.  As it goes, the easier your address is to remember, the easier your viewers can get to your website.

We can help you get the best domain name to fit your business.  It can help increase your revenues by bringing more viewers to your site.  It can increase the value of your company by presenting it with the utmost professionalism.  Read through and your web site will have a name that fits you and your business perfectly, like a glove.

Action Steps

Make a list.
It would be good to get a good long list of possible domain names.  If you have a particularly good customer base, you can put out a contest to get the best domain names for your business.  You can give a prize for the winner.  You can also build a list of possible domain names by going through your employees.   Set up a shared account where they can contribute a domain name while viewing other people’s suggestions.

I recommend.  One way you can collaborate on a project is by going through a shared account online.  The platform of Google Docs is perfect for this.  You can set up a spreadsheet where your employees can view all the suggestions and contribute.  If you are having trouble with the list yourself, there are online tools available like Gosimmer’s Domain Name suggestion tool to give you a list to choose from.

Follow these guidelines.
To make your domain stand out among the rest there are certain guidelines you would have to adhere to.  To begin, you need to find a short domain name that is easy to understand.  As long as you can convey your business in the least amount of characters possible, you’ll be fine.  I would not recommend using initials because it comes out unprofessional, slang-like and un-customer friendly.  The next factor you have to think about is if you are getting a memorable domain name.  Domain names must convey who you are and what your business does.

I recommend. You can read through this article to see how you can think of great domain name for your business.

Protect your brand.
Protecting your brand is not a common thought that goes through someone’s head while he or she is shopping for a domain name.  Some people who are starting up a new website might actually have an established business up and running.  The motivation can be to prevent anybody using your established name to make money from your reputation and tarnish it.

I recommend. Read this simple article about protecting your business’s reputation.  It also comes with cautionary tales and lessons in protecting the reputation of your business.

Does it sound and look right?
A lot of the business owners let their web developers choose the domain name for them. This can lead to a lot of problems when you notice that your domain name isn’t quite the same as what you had hoped.  For example, it could be that your company “Pen Island”  would have a domain name that would say “penisland.com” and that just does not sound or look right.  Use a hyphen or think of a different name that would work better.

I recommend.  If you don’t understand the difference, try reading the company name and the domain name slowly enunciating each syllable.  Read through this blog for other funny domain names.

Use SEO experts in choosing your domain name.
Your domain name can also help pull up your ranking in Google.  Google’s patented search engine takes into account several aspects of the domain including the legitimacy of a domain.  Google records the length of domain registration, the address of the website owner and the administrator, the strength of the hosting company, and the number of pages of the website.  The more favorable your website is, in terms of these factors, the higher your ranking should be.

I recommend.  If you do not have a SEO consultant employed in the development of your website, it is best to get one now.  You can go to to find one that is closest to your area.  You also need a good web hosting company to host your domain name, such as www.gossimer.com.

Tips and Tactics
Think about several domain names and don’t fall in love with a single one.  You don’t want to set your heart on a domain name only to find that it is already in use.

You don’t have to use your business name for your domain name.  You can choose one that refers to your business but has better name recognition.

If you hired a person to develop your site for you, make sure that he knows about the English language and not just the proper terms.  When you hire a person, make sure to double check the domain name to avoid untoward incidents like the example in the above section.

Shop around for better deals.  Even if your domain is hosted by a specific company it does not mean you cannot transfer the rights to it after.  Some providers have the capability of transferring the domain name to their company for a fee.  You get to keep your domain name and still get a good deal out of it.

Best Blogs and Forums
If you want to ask questions about your domain you can also go to this site: .

You can post a question and most experts would answer you for free.

If you liked the funny domain names, you can find more at


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