Reseller FAQ

When is the service ending? Why is the service ending? As a Reseller, what's next? Has ResellerClub acquired When will my accounts be moved? Will reseller control panel remain Will gossimer support email will still be used for Reseller service or ResellerClub will provide theirs? Will service be disrupted as a result of the move? Will you be raising prices? Will there be any changes to the products or services that I'm currently availing? Can you provide more details about the changes in the hosting platform and interfaces? What do I do next? I still have questions. What's the best way to get in touch [...]

Why reseller web hosting is useful?

Any new business requires a strong web presence for convalescing its productivity as well as clients. This is only possible with a good web hosting service. Hosting companies offer a variety of different hosing plans like VPS hosting, business hosting shared and dedicated web hosting. Reseller web hosting is yet another type of cost effective hosting that works well in case if you are planning to start off your own web hosting company. The increasing demand for reliable web hosting companies has paved way for others to start their own web hosting units and this is where reseller web hosting plays a crucial role. About reseller web hosting This type of hosting is used when a single person or group of people decide to come up with a new web hosting company. This [...]

Web solutions for small businesses

At the end of the day, what matters to a business person is the profit he is able to make out of the entire work. Even the small businesses today are inclined towards taking help of the better resources to increase their profits. People are switching to integrated mailing solutions for making their business more efficient and prolific as well. Some of the companies offer custom enterprise e-mail solutions that are easy to start with and come with low monthly cost. With such packages, you can set up a spam-free email system for your company with zero or no investment on additional elements including hardware or software. Benefits of custom enterprise emails Quick setup: This hosted e-mail service is easy to start with as you are not required setting up any hardware or [...]

Transferring a domain name

Sometimes, it occurs that people require changing or transferring their domain name registrars for specific purposes. This particular process of transferring is termed as domain name transfer. A registrar is the person who manages and controls your domain records. Therefore, transferring the name onto other registrar must not have any effect on the functioning of the website or the Domain name server. A defined policy under ICANN regulates the registration transfers amongst the registrars. Although the domain transfer process is fairly simple but it is very essential to understand its proceedings and working before one opts for the same. Domain name transfer works in simple manner as: For putting the domain transfer into action, one is required to apply for the registrar [...]

E-mail Hosting: The mantra of success

Technology has simplified things for the business houses and helped them to reach out for their potential customers. And net technology is definitely one which has taken things to new heights. Many features have been added to this web technology, and one of them is the email hosting. If you have a domain name and want the facilities of emails to be added to it, you need to avail the services of the email servers, and for that your need to sign up for an email hosting services. In layman’s terms, it is a service which facilitates you to send and receive emails. And, there are two types of emails services, free and paid. The free email services allow you create an account and send and receive emails, or files across the net to a remote location. You can recollect the [...]


Robot.txt Protocol, also known as Robot Exclusion Protocol or Robot exclusion standard is used by the webmasters to instruct the web spiders about their web sites. Robots or web spiders are the programs that search engines use to scan through each and every page of the website to categorize and archive the web site. Let’s understand this by an example. Let’s say we have a website, , which we want to get indexed by every major search engines. To assist the search engines in indexing the web site properly, we create an XML sitemap ( Click here to read more about XML Sitemaps ). So far, so good, but there are pages that we do not want search engines to see, what should we do? We write an exclusion protocol for the web robots, and that exclusion protocol is commonly [...]

General Info About Domain Name Transfers

Most people are not internet or techy savvy to know what and how domain name works. Imagine a store; the name of a store is its domain name, meaning this is the identification of the store to distinguish it from the rest of the competition. Apply this concept in the operation of a website. In a website, a particular business owner has a specified domain name. This domain name is registered so that other businesses are prevented from using it as their own. The registration is important because a registrant can establish and create rights out of its use. To illustrate, a business selling a lingerie wants to use the domain name; the entity must register it to prevent other lingerie businesses in using Consequently when a buyer searches in Google, only [...]

Domain name: Eye on the Net

In the www world you get a virtual name when you own a domain. It is your identity by which you are recognized in the web network. You can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Hence, it is pertinent that the name you register for your domain to be an appropriate one. Though, it may not be all that easy, as it sounds, for you may find good names have already been taken. Benefits It is all in the name, for if you have a good domain name, which aptly describes your business, you are likely to get more web surfers. And, it is still better to have a domain name which is more generic and not specific. Like, if your domain name is, you will only get people interested in flight, whereas if your name is fly&, you will get more traffic coming your [...]

Benefit Of An Enterprise Email Solution

The internet continues to revolutionize how we transact business and communicate with the rest of the world. With the new wave of the social media, email system’s demise seemed eminent. However, this has not been the case as the email remains an important communication tool in business operation today. Massive exchange of documents and business information crucial to daily transactions are done via the email. Unfortunately, emails are prone security compromise by spam attack and other outside threats. Every now and then, issues of security breach are raised over the media concerning the security of the email systems. Business needs to invest in better and secure archiving solutions to prevent loss of data or other risks that may arise. Investing in enterprise email [...]

The two sides of the domain name transfer coin – the pros and the cons

Domain names are what help people remember blogs and websites. They play a very important role in keeping your visitors come back to you. Hence when we want to transfer from one registrar to another it is vital that things happen smoothly and we do not end up losing either the domain name or a big chunk of our visitors. What is domain name transfer? In explanatory terms, it is the process of transferring the authority of performing operations to the content in a certain domain from one registrar to another. A domain name is registered with a registrar, who locks the name and reserves it for the use of the person who requested it.  When a transfer is initiated, the end user simply wishes to move to another registrar who has offered some benefits. What happens [...]