Multiple domain hosting becoming common, why?


Web hosting has become a necessity rather than a need in this much modernized world of computers and gadgets. Everybody is on web today. Having an online presence becomes more beneficial when you are able to watch over things without actually peeping into them. In other words, the choices over various brands and items expand. Being on the internet has become a mandatory chapter for the businesses in competition. Online platforms not only give you a good traffic but required marketing as well. With rising needs for internet presence, new hosting packages are emerging every day. Multiple domain web hosting is one such plan. Although the name is not new but it’s use is getting more common with past few years. With this peculiar hosting, you are able to host more than one web domain from a single hosting account. This signifies you can easily register for multiple domains under a common umbrella. Also there is scope of modification for primary names after the registration.

Why to go for this hosting?

There are several reasons as to why you should try multiple domain hosting. One of the simplest and most common reasons is easy management. An individual with a single web hosting account and multiple projects running on web under diverse domain names would be able to handle the whole task, if he is able to control all domains from same point. With a common/primary host account, the user would be able to observe the statistics and manage the domain servers much easily. Also, mails can be diverted from one domain to another at faster rates if they are connected internally.

Yet there are other reasons that will tell you why you should have multiple numbers of domains.

  1. Scope of extension
    In case if you plan to expand your initial business beyond the present limits, then adding domains could be the easiest way of segregating the website’s content. (with this comes new technologies and better features)
  2. Limiting the competition
    people prefer holding upon different domain names and extensions like .com and .net to make sure that they cover whole of the web users. A person using .com will also go for .net to cut down its competition. Companies use multiple domains/extensions that are directed to single location: the main website.
  3. Service costs and security
    low cost and high security are yet other factors that pull the business class in registering for multiple domains. The process costs you very less and in return you get ample benefits. (in form of heavy traffic and more users)

Finding a perfect web host for small business


The rise in use of Smartphones and ultra-dependency on the internet for sale and purchase of the good items have made it mandatory for all the existing as well as emerging small businesses to host a strong online presence. Gone are those days when people used their Phone books and catalogues for enquiring about any brand or place, in particular. Now-a-days, it is the websites that most people refer to for looking into the background of a company (For various purposes like investments and goods purchases).
The web host requirements of a small business are very different from that of an established one. And so are their hosting packages. If you own a business on a small scale and wish to start your website, then options like shared or free web hosting are best for you. Considered to be the ideal small business web hosting plans, these hosting packages are very cost effective and reliable too. They can be effectively used for targeting the right sect of the audience.

Let’s have a look into these particular hosting packages and know more about them.

  1. Shared web hosting
    in this very common form of web hosting, the server space on web is shared amongst several (two or three) websites. This means, you website is allotted a certain percentage of the server space and bandwidth from a total sum. Along with the web server, its associated resources, applications and the operating system are also to be shared. This hosting caters the needs of small as well as medium scale industries.
    Every user gets access to a virtual web server (or web space) that can be separately controlled using control panel. Note: only the virtual private server can be managed not the actual one. It is cheapest of all forms of web hosting existing till date. In short, it is an affordable solution to the small businesses. Upgrading and managing the actual web server along with the hardware/software is the sole responsibility of the web host service provider.


  1. Free web hosting
    this is best when your website is very precise and simple. This option can be tried only on a very small scale when the business is on the initial levels. Once your business shoots up, the website requirements also alleviate. In that case, you will have to switch to a better option.

Try picking a dependable and trustworthy hosting provider that rests high on the essential grounds of cost, support-backup-uptime offered, web space and bandwidth.

Distinct hosting services for businesses


Having an online presence for an individual has become way too important today. Whether it is a business brand or an educational institution, everyone is required to host a good website. Businesses are able to reach millions of people at single point of time with the help of a website. Therefore, for every business organization hosting an impeccable website is a matter of great importance. The web hosting requirements of a business is very different as from the others. Hence, it requires a separate hosting service like the e-mail or personalized web hosting.

What’s new in business hosting?

Business web hosting service is very much different from the common web hosting plans in terms of the bandwidth allowances, storage space and the script supports. Most of the businesses hosting plans come with dedicated servers. Though you have to pay a little higher price for these kinds of web hosting services, but what you get along is the 99% uptime and an unbreakable server. Also with a dedicated server you get a scope for extending your business. All the confidential messages and e-mails are exchanged via a secured online server, and hence remain safe. In business, you get what you pay for, as per an old axiom. Remember, you can only create a good impression on the customer’s mind if you put up an appealing and impressive website online. To help with it, you need to choose a good host service provider.

What to look in a web host service?

Choosing a good hosting service at the very first stage can build a strong base for your business to multiply. Therefore, choose your host wisely. There are certain aspects you need to look into for selecting a reliable hosting service:

  1. Excellent uptime record is a must
    Every second in a business counts and therefore the unavailability of a website for few minutes can cause great loss for the same. A web host with at least 99 percent uptime must be chosen.


  1. Ability to scale up
    if in case your business grows in future, your website must be able to accommodate the essential changes, increasing traffic and additions. For this, you require choosing an upgradable or flexible host.


  1. Good reputation and customer assistance
    A 24X7 customer support and background of host service: narrow your list of options by adding these two aspects into it as they are must for any business host service provider.

A professional looking website that offers good performance and safe environment with no extra/futile advertisements is what every online business here wants!


Reasonable web hosting plans


When you set up a new business venture in the market, you should know how and where to spend money sensibly. Starting up of a business requires focusing on several factors. Strong online presence is one of them. Without effective marketing and promotions, it is nearly impossible for any business to sustain in the global market. Therefore, newbie as well as established businesses take help of the online websites and social media to increase their customers and public relations.
Now, before you go for picking up a hosting plan for launching your business website, you must be very clear about the budget range. Most of the newly set-up businesses prefer to go for the cost-effective hosting services to minimize their incurring costs. Buying an expensive hosting plan doesn’t guarantee you the multiplication of the customers or increase in sales. Hence, focus must be given more on the features desired while selecting the hosting service provider.

What kind of hosting is economical?

At initial levels, business people prefer going for the basic or the cheap hosting packages that offer god returns. Free web hosting is one amongst a few low cost web hosting plans. To use this kind of service, users need not give any charges separately. All they require is good internet connectivity. Free web hosting comes with limited amount of web storage space, personal e-mail services, round the clock customer support and great uptime. The only hitch is the space for storing files and Library operations has to be shared amongst several websites. In case, if you are looking for some better additional features, then options like SSH hosting and PHP 6 web hosting might fit your bracket.

Customized web hosting

Unlike the other host packages, this particular segment of web hosting offers you wide range of features including additional storage space and easy to customize e-mail service. They are best to kick-start your new business:

  1. Highly amendable
    these hosting plans can be simply tailored as per your requirements and particulars. This kind of hosting supports a control panel known as cPanel that can be used for adding or altering the host features in future. (in case if your business takes a leap)
  2. Very low on your pocket
    these hosting plans are very inexpensive and offer 100% security for the newly invented website.
  3. Complete bunch of Benefits
    both Linux and windows OS platforms of the hosting services offer you an expandable 50 GB web space, ability to create numerous e-mail accounts (up to 250) and also an assured server performance. It will keep your website active even in the times of high-traffic.

Overall, it adds a credibility factor to your newly established business.

How to get a perfect domain name? Find out!


If asked for, a person can enlist a number of reasons to have a good domain name if he owns a website. Indeed, it is very essential to host a suitable domain name for your website. Why? Find out here. A domain name is something that is used while referring to any website. It is like a unique identity for a website with it can be easily spotted on web. Simply, the “group of words” like eHow.com which appears on your address bar is collectively known as the Domain name. Other than the business organizations and firms, personal websites owned by individuals can too have registered domains. There are certain benefits that come along with domain names:

ü  The domain name is glued to the website. In case you wish to change you web host in future, no need to worry about the domain name as it will go along with the website. Your regular clients will be able to see a new face of the website just by typing the old domain name on the top of the page.

ü  A domain name gives a short and simple description of your business giving much credibility and propriety to it. Also, acts as marketing tool.

Picking the right name

Choosing a domain name is as important as finding a good host for website as it is the face to your web presence. Before you rush into buying a domain name, focus on its selection. Aspects like the length/composition of the name, its similarity with the business theme and its probability of being highlighted on the search engines are to be considered. Most website owners prefer going for the generic domain names where the name ‘actually’ match with your brand. Domain names are ought to be short, descriptive, catchy and easy to memorize. It is better if you use keyword optimization in your domain name.

The next step

Purchasing the domain name is the successive step to its selection. Before purchasing a domain name, check for its availability and efficacy. It sometimes happens that the domain name you choose ends up being unavailable. Therefore, keep two or three options. Make a list of the online websites and web host services that offer great range of domains at low prices. Make sure you get the static IP address (a never changing one) while you buy Domain Name. Usually, the validity of the domain names varies from one year to five.

Why go for registering the domain names?


The rising use of websites as marketing tools and for exchanging ideas has made it very clear that web presence in this ultra-modern world possess a great importance. Everyone on the corporate and personal levels looks forward to have a strong online presence in order to improve the social as well as business networks. Other than good host service you also require a good “domain name” for making a strong website.

Domain name, what is it?

As per the dictionary, it is the web address that you need to enter into the address bar to reach a particular website. Domain names are unique and no two websites can have exact domain names. Domain names not only help in locating a site but also provide a unique identity to it. Domains which are similar to the business, descriptive and evocative must be preferred.

Registration of the domain name

Domain name registration is a process that gives the rights of a particular ‘domain name’ to a website. Thereafter, the similar domain name can’t be used by any other organization or individual for the given period of time. All the domain names are to be registered with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Organization through a certified registrar. This organization controls the domain name registrations and sets the standards/rules for the process.

Who all can register your website?

The registrar can be a host service company or any webmaster. The domain name industry is quite competitive. People seeking for domain registrations can check for the authentic registration sources online. With this you can compare the different options and pick out the best one from the crowd. GoDaddy.com, 1&1 Internet and Namecheap are some of the big names in this industry. They offer online as well as online registration choices. Usually the domain registrars charge a fee of $10 to$50 from their clients.

How to register?

Pick a suitable domain name that you think can fetch you better traffic. You can take help of the host service’s primary/secondary name servers. Choose the company with which you wish to register the domain name along with the desired extension .com or .net. The company will then tell you if the selected name is available or not. The process starts with company asking for a valid e-mail address followed by validating the domain name. As soon as you get the ownership of the name, the process ends. You can purchase the domain names online (via credit cards) and offline (submitting ticket to firms’ finance section).

Know more about Linux hosting


When it comes to choosing a web hosting platform for the website, most of the people choose either option between Windows and Linux based web hosting. But before choosing any of them, get to know the insights of these web hosting types. It can actually help you decide better! Basically the two web hosting platforms are different on the grounds of operating system for which they are designed, the resources available and the cost. Several other variations come along. This section will cover everything you know and don’t know about the Linux web hosting.

What is it?

Fundamentally, operated on the Linux based operating systems, Linux web hosting is a much popular service adopted by mostly the corporate and business people. Linux is also known by other names like UNIX web hosting or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python) software-server hosting. This is because the above mentioned programming languages are unlocked to be used on Linux servers for free. Linux OS uses the open-source software technologies such as PHP and XML for web development and other such tasks. It is the most lucrative and economical web host plan anyone can witness. This is why it is very much famous amongst the large scale companies and big groups. Linux has got very stable and robust security system.

Linux is mainly known for its best of 5 aspects

  • Programming scripts
    with Linux, you get pre-built scripts and programs that can be readily used while creating a website. The script support lets you make a better choice for website software. Scripts for PHP, Perl, Zend framework, PostgreSQL and MySQL can be imported from open network.
  • Uptime guarantee and Cash-back warranty
    what can be good than a web hosting software with 99% uptime and complete money returning warranty. After you get your hands on the trial version, try the complete package as it comes with 30 day cash-back guarantee.
  • Control panel
    the reliable and carefully designed control panel gives you better control over the website and its data files. The very supple and feature-enriched cPanel of Linux is integrated with application installers like WordPress and Drupal.
  • Round the clock technical support
    the very skilled technical support team responds to your hitches in shortest possible time at any hour of the day.
  • Stability and affordability
    the prominent factor that will tempt you to go for Linux web hosting is its reliability and consistent performance. Also it is way cheaper than others and cost you only $8 per month.

SSL Certificates: A firewall to your server

SSL Certificates: a firewall to your server

It is the responsibility of every website owner to protect the privacy of its customers and ensure his site is completely secure. For those who carry out e-commerce transactions and businesses on websites, website security is a major concern. On the part of company offering e-commerce solutions, keeping the site firewalled is very important for gaining customer’s confidence. There are many ways in which you can guard your website against the credentials theft, tampering and intrusion. SSL certificates are observed to be the most reliable and significant protection methods. They are easy to install and guaranteed to provide maximum security against the breaches.

SSL or Secured Sockets Layer certificate

Basically, a group of protocols that establish secured connection between the website host server and the local server (on user’s PC) to enable the protection of sensitive information being exchanged. The information remains encrypted and can’t be tampered by some outsider. When a user enters any of his credentials on the server page, the SSL certificate forbids its storage onto the server. A public key is used for the encryption of data that is being transmitted to the server and a private key for its decryption on the local server. Typically, it is used for securing the credit card transactions, login credentials, data transfer on social media sites and online banking accounts numbers and other information. Nothing gets stored on server.

Features of a web hosting SSL certificate

  1. It offers up to 256-bit encryption (the highest known till date)
  2. Validated to be used for commercial purposes
  3. Comes with a warranty card
  4. Customers get 24X7 customer assistance
  5. 99% browser recognition

When installed on the web server, the SSL certificate acts like a cryptographic key to the server. When in action, it activates the HTTPS protocol-over port 443 and your address bar turns green. Sometimes, a green padlock sign also appears. It is a proof that the website is secured from al sides and you can simply exchange your credentials without hesitation.

Types of certificates

Of all SSL certificates issued by the authorities, the following ones are used more commonly. They vary in terms of security levels offered.

  1. Domain/Domain owner validation certificates
    only the background of user is inspected-no vetting of company. Cost effective and can be attained in 5 minutes.
  2. Company validation certificates
    vetting of the company asking for certificate is done by the Certification Authority.
  3. Extended validation certificates
    marked by the green address bar, it is the highest level encryption for organizations. The CA audits the company’s files and then provides the certificate.

Self-signed certificates
these are not issued by any certification authority.


Enterprise Email Services – Business Management Simplified


For the online companies, communicating with their potential customers is bread and butter to them. The quality of their communication can speak volumes about their company. Hence it is pertinent to give a professional look to your emails by availing the services of Enterprise email service providers. They are great means to highlight your brand name as you will be given an email address with your company’s name which will give it an authoritative look.

Benefits of Enterprise Email Services

Having your email services enhances your reputation, for the customers may not take it positively if your company communicates via free email accounts. While a message sent from your own business mail address will look more professional, and it will have a convincing impact on your customers. Furthermore, you can also get features like printing your own logo over your mail account hence whenever you send a mail your brand name goes along with it, and the service providers name is kept hidden.

The enterprise email services, apart from making a good impression about you, it makes your company trust worthy. Your prestigious customers may not feel comfortable discussing their sensitive details with you over your free email account. But with your business email account which is associated with your company’s domain name, is more reliable to sensitive customers. Your email address becomes more recognizable, and which could potentially help you in gaining more customers. Whereas, with spam ruling the roost, if you communicate with your potential customers through a free email service, the customer can have suspicions about the authenticity of the mail.

Furthermore, it does not cost you an arm for getting the services of enterprise email solution providers, as it is very much cost effective and comes cheap. But, its importance cannot be ignored. There are different packages cut-out to suit different needs, if you need a branch no need to take a tree. You get true value of your money.

You can get customized storage spaces of your mail box as per your needs, and enterprise email services also provide you with tools which monitor your mails, or help you form a group mail, which you are not allowed on free email service accounts. Then the other advanced features include, shared contacts, calendar, and a backup facility which can recover deleted mails.

Putting it simple, people out to create a brand name for their companies, should take their first step by opting for enterprise email services.

The Advantages of Linux Web Hosting


This is a competitive world and there is competition in literally everything, from software market to utensils making, its everywhere. There is also an ongoing debate what is a better web hosting operating system, Linux or windows? When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting, Linux and Windows both want to have a bigger piece of the market. The open source and proprietary platforms have differing pros and cons, and the services offered cater for the specific needs of online businesses. However, Linux servers are extremely attractive to Internet entrepreneurs and publishers.

In the general perception, Linux hosting means shared hosting, which is also the most popular hosting service in the industry. In fact, most of the websites now use Linux because of its user friendly nature and cost effectiveness. Linux hosting is compatible with MySQL and PHP, which supports scripts such as Zen Cart, WordPress, Zen Cart and phpBB.

Linux is generally much easier to use and understand than windows. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux is made to work with basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website’s productivity. It is known for providing better performance than Windows and capable of handling higher amount of processes simultaneously.

Security problems have become important especially since major tech brands have suffered some form of hacking or online theft. There has been an ongoing debate about security and reliability between Linux and Windows hosting. Of course, Linux users proclaim extreme security. As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs .When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outweighs Windows since it was one of the primitive platforms to host websites as the Internet one of the benefits of Linux hosting is the unmatched flexibility offered to a company. It can host e-commerce applications, blogging websites and multimedia applications. As previously stated, the platform is easy to modify and update. Linux was created based on General Public License (GNU) and some of its various distributions include Ubuntu and Red Hat.

Linux is a free open source system; therefore, do not have to pay unnecessary prices for the things they do. Therefore, web hosting providers are able to offer lower prices for this type of web hosting service.

These are some of the benefits which indicate when is Linux web hosting better for you.