Enterprise Email Powers Up a Business

If you are setting up a new business, then you have to manage certain things from the very starting of the business. If not implemented, yet the planning is necessary to implement the things in the future, as your business gradually expands and requirements arise. Such a thing is the setting up of enterprise email for your business. This is a complete business based electronic mail system, designed for corporate houses. Why Enterprise Email Earlier there used to be only one type of mailing system; the free or paid mailbox given by the common online email hosts like yahoo, AOL etc. You all have used it at some time, or are using it now too. But what happens when there is a constant flow of mails? You face some of these problems: The inbox gets cluttered with mails and [...]

Analysis on Florida-based Web Hosting Services

Florida alone has a total of 97,114 IP addresses in its credit with 1,334 top webhosted sites. The figure provided is just an estimate of the top sites using webhosting services in the world but around 41,400 sites have availed webhosting services in the United States. Getting your business introduced online would obviously increase your sales rate. The first step that you must take up is Domain Name Registration. For this, you need to keep a track of the gain/loss trends of the Top Level Domains. TLD NEW DELETED NETGAIN/LOSS MARKET SHARE TOTAL DOMAINS COM 586,272 512,006 74,266 76.2002% 102,523,846 NET 68,143 72,744 (4,601) 10.5267% [...]

About Gossimer

Gossimer.com was established in 2001 by our parent company Gossimer, LLC a limited liability company registered in New Jersey. At Gossimer our main goal is our customers, customer satisfaction is paramount. The majority of our customer base stays hosting with us for long term. Our customers like the customer service and technical support they receive when needed. They also enjoy very stable servers, we never over sell our servers, and we do not exaggerate the package offerings. We have developed this business strategy because we have had so many customers move to Gossimer from the larger players in the web-hosting arena because they were not satisfied with their previous provider. New customers also enjoy the ease of moving their site to our servers, since we do it for them. Many [...]

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