Getting Domain names at cheap rates

While setting up a new website, you need to focus on a number of elements like its appearance, contents, good web host and a relevant Domain name. The domain name provides an identity and the potential customers to any website by making it recognisable in the web market. Therefore, the web developer must choose a domain name similar to the website theme. Domain name that is unique, simple and easy to memorise is considered to be ideal. There are various factors like length/number of words, uniqueness and ability to drive traffic that determine the price of a particular domain name. It is not necessary that a long domain name will only be able to get more clients. Despite, a short domain name can also do the work provided it is catchy and germane to the site.

Purchasing the cheap domain names

It is a common belief amongst the business people that buying expensive domain names for the official websites will generate better amount of traffic and offer improbable recognition to the site as compared to the cheaper ones. On the contrary, it is possible to get the same services at lower prices also. You can also buy cheap domain names that are equally reliable and productive as well. As you know that, domains are your key to successful websites and businesses, therefore pick your name wisely. A situation might also arise where your selected domain name goes unavailable. In that case, you can go for a similar domain name with some rearrangement of words. Before purchasing the domain name, make sure that you are able to control its every aspect. And after you have purchased it, get it registered and verified from an authorised ICANN signatory.

Advantages of cheaper domain names

The cheap domain names have multiple advantages:

  • You get to use credible and fine quality domain names at relatively low prices
  • Cheap domain names appear to be an ideal option when you require registering for more than one domain names for single-multiple- sites.
  • Option for managing all domains from a single platform is also offered.

A number of top niche web development and maintenance companies offer cheap domain names to their customers at attractive quotations. All you need to do is choose the desired name best suited for the site and check for its availability before asking for its quotation. With these cost-effective domain names, you also get round the clock customer (or technical) assistance.

Going for the right web host provider

Every website requires a good web hosting provider to remain active on web. The prime function of hosting servers is to store all the necessary files and webpage of the website. The host service provider connects to the main web server and makes available all the webpages, resources and cookies to the website whenever it is opened in a browser window. Web hosting services provide the essential technologies and requisites required for viewing a website online. They can be a small organisation or a big host company dealing in many sectors. Businesses can choose from a number of hosting services types such as free hosting, Shared/Dedicated form of hosting or Collocated hosting.

Now the question that arises is which web host service to choose from a swarm of thousands of hosting companies? This depends upon several factors like your budget, level of technical assistance or business support you are looking for and plans that are suitable for the online business.

How to find your perfect host?

A good host provider is identified by the quality of hosting plans and related support it offers. Listed below are few attributes that can help you choose a suitable host service company once you have selected your hosting plan:

  • Price:
    Being one of the biggest factors in deciding which host to go for; price is given much importance. Users should avoid going for the complete free host services as they often turn out to be unreliable or hoax. It is commonly seen that their low prices are compensated by the requisite on-site adverts.


  • Storage/Bandwidth limitations:
    Always check for the disc space and bandwidth allowances and limits especially when you are being offered the unlimited hosting plan.


  • Customer assistance:
    Despite of its size, every business owner longs for a reliable back support and customer assistance for the hosting plan he is buying. This minimises the risk of losses incurring to the businesses due to some damage or failure.


  • Script support:
    The built-in script support offered by the host companies is yet another factor that needs to be considered.

You can also take help of the useful online customer reviews for critically examining and deciding upon a particular web hosting company. They will definitely help you decide better.

Web hosting providers improve SEO performance: How?

It has been found recently that the page speed directly affects search ranking algorithms or rather say the faster your business websites gets loaded on the browser the more it climbs the Google rankings. Therefore, website owners are required choosing a reliable web host service for better ranks online.


Know more about Enterprise email hosting

The fact that e-mails have become an indispensible part of everyone’s life can’t be denied. With time, e-mails have emerged as a powerful tool for communication. Being hassle free and very instant, it has become the favourite choice of the business owners. It is true that over 90 percent of the business deals and conversations are done over the e-mails. This means that you need to have a very strong and secured e-mail server for exchanging confidential messages. Using the common free e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo is very common. But what if a business owns its private e-mail host and a dedicated server?

This is what happens in the Enterprise e-mail hosting. Only a few people who are in business are aware of it. But with the competition rising in the market, every business firm now seeks to have its own customised business e-mail account. It serves dual purpose of giving a secured e-mail server for safe exchange of e-mails and providing a credible image to the business as well. Dedicated enterprise e-mail hosting solutions are ideal for those business organisations that are looking for customised e-mail systems for their dedicated hardware. You will find a number of Enterprise e-mail solutions in market such as Microsoft Exchange, ZixCorp and Zimbra.

Enterprise e-mails: what you need to know?

There are a number of things about this kind of e-mail hosting that are known by only a few people:

  • Used as a marketing tool:
    Most of the companies might be using customised e-mail solutions for exchanging important e-mails without knowing that they are marketing for their business name. Yes, it is true enterprise or business e-mails promote your business by carrying its name in the e-mail addresses. In this way, your organisation appears to be more professional and credible as well.


  • Provides credibility:
    Business e-mails help the potential clients in associating the brand name (its positive) with the e-mails. Every time they visit your official website, they can easily associate the name. In this way, your business gets wide recognition and its brand value alleviates.


  • Easy to customise:
    Many people don’t know this fact that in business e-mails you can decide the web space, security level, tools and devices to be synchronised. The company offering this service gives you the freedom for choosing the above stated regulars.

Looking upon its benefits, some of you might rate the business-email services beyond the reach of a common or mid-size business. But the reality is, customised enterprise e-mails are available for all types of businesses, whether they are small-medium or large scale.


Why Reseller web hosting is profitable?

When you go out in the market in search of the perfect web hosting plan for your business, you come across a number of options. These web hosting plans vary may vary in terms of the web space, bandwidth allotted, level of security offered and the host server. Shared form of hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting and e-mail hosting are some common options you will find. Yet there are few web hosting plans which are new in the market and that they are not so popular or rather say people have little knowledge about them.

Reseller web hosting is one such web hosting plan. Its biggest attraction is the low cost at which it is offered. This plan works in two steps: a person purchases some amount of disc space and the bandwidth (not for a particular site) from a web host company; next the same person (now an account holder) rents out a portion of his allotted space and bandwidth to other end users for a fixed amount of charges. The account owner, therefore, appears to be like a safe hosting service providing company to the web users. The reseller acting like a third-party buys the web space and bandwidth in a wholesale and further sells/rents it to the online customers at good rates thereby making a considerable profit. The reseller can be a typical web development or a web design firm or a new entrepreneur or simply a system integration company offering host services.

The reseller has got all the rights to design and modify the rates and amount of disc space/bandwidth offered under reseller hosting packages. This means that the resellers can create service plans and fix pricing structure as per their choice.

Why go for this web hosting plans?

Undoubtedly, reseller hosting behind very cost effective is considered to be the best for the upcoming entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business. On the users end, it turns out to be a low-cost as well as low-risk investment with very minimal start-up cost provided you go for a good reseller host like an experienced webmaster. Along with that, you can expect a reliable technical support and a separate control panel.

On the other hand, it is also profitable at the reseller’s end. You get additional fixed recurring revenue along with making good profits out of your main services. By rendering satisfactory extra services, you tend to develop a good repo with the customers thereby making your firm more credible. For becoming a reseller, all you need to have is a basic knowledge about the use of scripting languages, domains and administration of POP accounts.

Hosting on Linux platform

Before you make your mind to pick a suitable web hosting service for your new website, make sure to check every option available in the market. A number of web hosting types are offered out there. These plans mainly differ in terms of the bandwidth, space offered, cost and the operating platform. Web hosting is either supported on Linux or the Windows operating system.  The two are very different from each other and target different sections of the online businesses.

As the name implies, Linux form of hosting is done on the Linux OS based servers. The software for the server is installed on your Linux operating system. For any website, stability acts as the primary key for driving traffic and generating revenue. Linux web hosting is very stable and one of the reliable web hosting services that customers like. As far as the security is concerned, Linux platforms are world famous for their secured and well encrypted server networks. Linux is an open source operating system that means you need not pay a single penny for using it. Programming languages like PHP, MySQL, Perl and Ruby can be integrally used on the Linux based servers. Along with the easy to install software, you get pre-developed programs and scripts.

Good about this hosting

Linux web hosting is mainly known for its following aspects namely:

  • Pre-built scripts:
    No other OS web hosting offers and supports as many as programming languages as the Linux web hosting. It gives you much flexibility while choosing the best suited programming language/software (PHP, Perl, Zand framework) and database support like MySQL or PostgreSQL.


  • Affordability:
    This aspect is what makes Linux hosting most appropriate for the businesses. As compared to the other hosting plans like Windows based, Linux is very cost effective and consistent as well.


  •  Uptime guarantee and reliable support:
    assuring an uptime of 99.9 percent, this form of hosting also comes on the risk free trial basis. The experienced and skilled technical team provides the best technical support to resolve your problems in shortest possible time.


  • Dedicated control panel:
    With Linux hosting, you get a supportive and easy to use control panel that helps you get started quickly with the software and take better care of the entire data and files on website. The control panel for this hosting is better known as cPanel that offers great features and easily incorporates with the scripts of rich application installers such as Drupal and WordPress.

By maintaining a perfect balance between cost and service quality offered, Linux hosting is becoming increasingly popular amongst the web people.

Protect your website with SSL certificates

Poor data encryption and protection of servers is a common problem for all the website owners. Most of the online clients associate and rate the websites with the level of security they offer. Hence, for any e-commerce website owner security of the confidential details and the credentials is a prime concern. Protecting the privacy of your customer’s information instils a sense of trust and confidence in them.

To establish a secured communication network and protect the site, the owners often go for the SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate encryptions. Not only it secures all the transactions occurring at the e-commerce websites but also offers a secured environment for making online payments and paying bills. Once you encrypt your site using this 256-bit SSL certificate, there is no need to fear about losing the client’s identity or any peculiar information like card details or bank statements. Also, it verifies the identity of the site’s domain name.

How to get this certificate?

There are a number of ways in which you can get your SSL certificate installed:

  • Do it by yourself by asking for free SSL certificates quotation online
  • Take help of your web host service provider
  • Third-party e-commerce based company

Before the installation gets completed, you are required to verify your website for security purposes. The SSL connection gets established only after the recognition of the certificate whether it is real or not.

Types of SSL certificates

  • Single and multiple domain SSL certificate:
    These certificates let you protect one or more than one domain as per the plan.  Multiple domain certificates are used for a single server hosting many websites.


  • Extended validation certificates:
    Here, the Certificate Authority checks for the applicant’s right of using the particular domain name along with strictly auditing the organisation to make sure that it is working on the CA/B forum guidelines or not. It offers highest levels of security and encryption making website safe for online transactions. Highly recommend for all size businesses.


  • Essential SSL certificate:
    This low cost, domain validated certificate is the best way to secure your website at instant. Because of its online validation process, it can be easily availed anytime.


  • Wildcard certificate:
    This SSL certificate protects domains as well as its associated sub-domains (whatever may be the number).


  • Unified communications certificate:
    Designed for Microsoft Exchange and Office applications server in association with Microsoft, this certificate protects your web hosts names.


To make sure that SSL certificate is installed and working properly, look for the padlock icon on the address bar (which turns green when secured) and the https protocol.

How to host your businesses at low costs?

In no time, the internet technology has been able to reach millions of homes across the world and is still continuing to do so. It offers a great way to establish a communication between people and large-scale groups via e-mails and online websites. Websites are like the free portals that contain information stored online on a remote server. It only gets transferred from the server to the user’s IP address whenever the user browses that site. Looking upon the rising demand and use of the websites, it can be very well said that they have become an integral part of the businesses.

Every website requires a reliable hosting such that it can sustain online. Hosting involves providing a specific bandwidth and storage space on web. The internet market offers a variety of hosting plans depending upon the size and the type of the website. Generally, the cost of hosting multiples as the storage space and bandwidth of the website increases. The low cost or cheap Business web hosting plans let you host your website at relatively less prices. Shared web hosting, managed and VPS hosting, all come under the low cost business hosting plans.

When to go for these hosting plans?

The low price hosting plans are designed as per the requirements of the small or home-based businesses and personal websites. While going for these kinds of plans, it is not necessarily true that you are compromising with the services and customer support. With low-cost web hosting plans also, you get a guaranteed network uptime of up to 99.9%. Yet the benefits offered by different hosting providers vary distinctly.

What type of hosting you can avail at low cost?

The web hosting plans listed underneath are proved to be relatively cheaper than the regular packages.

  • Shared form of hosting:
    This is the perfect web host option to go for when you wish to host your website in a low budget. Everything right from the disk space to the bandwidth gets shared in this hosting. However, the maintenance and administrative services are common to all. It is very affordable.


  • Virtual private server hosting:
    It is basically beneficial in case when your web space requirement exceeds the basic limit and you still don’t want to go for a dedicated server. The disk space is completely dedicated, only the processor gets shared with other websites on the internet.


Advantages of this form of hosting

The prime benefit of low cost web hosting is that it is best suited for the websites having budget constraints. Above that, it is very easy to operate as it comes with “do-it-by-yourself” features.


Hosting services for e-mails

Any form of web hosting requires a dedicated server on the web for the storage and transfer of the files. This server facilitates the use of required files and its associated folders whenever a website is opened. There are varieties of hosting services operating on different kinds of servers. The e-mail hosting service uses separate e-mail servers for fast and convenient exchange of the e-mails. E-mail hosting is usually different from the typical e-mail hosting in terms of features supported. Such hosting services offer free emails also. You will find that a number of hosting companies offer this kind of hosting service.

In every business setup, whether small or mid-scale e-mail hosting plays a very crucial role. This is because any business can’t survive without a good network and contact with other groups. And for that it is very important to establish a stable communication link that is mostly done via the e-mails. E-mail hosting involves management of different aspects and therefore is considered to be a herculean task. For establishing a good e-mail network, the user is required integrating the e-mail servers and various other software applications. Multiple level filtering and the spam blockers are also required, which generally turn out to be really expensive. Due to lack of resources, most of the businesses prefer taking help of the e-mail host service providers.

Cut on your expenses with e-mail hosting

Once you have availed this service for your business, you don’t need to hire any manpower for managing the servers and setups as it is done by the service provider itself. The e–mail address you that are to be used for sending the mails, would contain the domain name. This gives a better credible image to the business boosting its profile. With e-mail hosting, you can surely achieve your organisational goals and save loads of money.


  1. Offers adequate amount of space:
    Businesses get ample amount of storage space for receiving and saving their critical messages at cheap prices. With flexible plans of e-mail hosting services, you are free to change the storage limits at any pint of time.


  1. Security:
    E-mail hosting servers are encrypted using the secured industry certificates to gain maximum protection against the third party break-ins and other unauthorised accesses to confidential information. They come along with the spam/virus filters


  1. Address books:
    A significant element of hosting service that lets the business people share their contacts on the address books, documents and other details.

Pick a good e-mail hosting service providing company that has a reputed profile and offers good quality/ secured services.

Web hosting plans you can choose from

For a website builder, it is as important to find a good web host as to create it. A website can’t survive online for long without a good hosting unit. Most of the people prefer going for reputed web hosting providers instead of hosting a website from personal servers. This is because the big host service companies store and support fast servers on huge data centres equipped with fast connections. These server spaces are used for storing the website’s details (content, video and images) safely.

When you visit any host provider’s webpage, you’ll come across numerous web hosting plans that come along with different features and benefits. These plans might differ from one another in terms of bandwidth, space on server, performance and application support. Each hosting plan is intended for a specific use. Given below are few web hosting packages or plans that you can consider for hosting your website:

  • Shared hosting:
    In this kind of hosting, a single server holds on control over several sites. In other words, its resources are shared amongst hundreds of websites, all having small bandwidths. It is the best plan to consider while starting a new website and therefore is usually recommended for the fresh websites.


  • Dedicated hosting:
    Entirely opposite to the shared form of hosting, dedicated hosting provides a dedicated server to every single website. This means your site will not get affected by the traffic loads on other websites. You have full control and access over the server. Usually suggested to the sites with heavy traffic.


  • VPS hosting:
    It is the amalgamation of shared and dedicated hosting. In this hosting, small number of websites are placed on a single server. For websites with large number of visitors, a virtual private server is provided. This virtualized server is separate for every website and can be used for rebooting or managing the site individually. No two virtual servers interfere with each other. It is good option for advance users.


  • Reseller hosting:
    In reseller hosting, a web user resells his own hosting space on the server to other clients. The proportion of division of space totally depends upon the space owner. A good alternative for the multiple website owners as they can handle all the sites using a single control panel.


  • Managed hosting:
    This form of hosting helps in keeping check on the failed servers and providing technical assistance. It can be utilised in combination with other hosting plans.


  • Windows and Linux hosting:
    These operating system based hosting plans are used for different programming languages (while creating websites), interfaces and OS oriented applications.

When to go for windows web hosting?

If you are planning to launch a new website, there are certain factors you require considering. For making any website public on web, you need to provide a good hosting server to it. A website, in general, comprises of various elements including text, graphics and videos. While hosting a website you try buying some space online so that you can store the desired web pages on the computer server. In this way, you tend to make your website readily available for online browsing.

There are number of companies and individuals who own web servers and provide web hosting services to others. Such firms are known as web hosts. They rent out a part of their servers to different individuals and organisations who ask for it. Web hosts offer flexible hosting plans to their clients that are designed keeping in view the requirements of every business group in the society.

What is Windows website hosting?

The first thing you do while hosting a website is choosing most suitable web hosting plan. For hosting a website, you also require an operating system platform on which the server can be run. That can be either Linux or Windows based. These are two different operating systems and vary in terms of the bandwidth, programming, features and even cost. In windows web hosting, your website runs on the Windows server (2008 or 2012) and supports all sorts of Microsoft encoding languages like ASP.NET, classic ASP and PHP. Windows hosting FTP access to the website files. For hosting a dynamic website, you also require a secured database such as MySQL and Access.

Why Windows hosting?

Most of the web applications used presently are usually Windows based. These specific applications work best with Windows based hosting and therefore is usually recommended. Microsoft applications can be easily integrated into Windows based servers. This kind of hosting is a preeminent alternative for the web users who wish to build websites using ASP frameworks. The developer will be able to host websites as well as its associated applications very effectively.


  • Security:
    Windows hosting offers better and high levels of security to its web users who require round the clock security for their websites.


  • Compatibility:
    Windows hosting is compatible with the entire range of Microsoft as well as ASP.NET applications that helps in creating dynamic and user-friendly websites.


  • Smooth integration:
    This hosting supports various database servers such as MySQL, MSSQL and MSDE. It much more efficient than others as it remains stable even at higher server loads.