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Gossimer has a long history of providing outstanding and reliable services to their customers. We are a truly customer centric organization and we are very proud to say that we have been consistently winning awards for our services since 2008. We were very honored when we won Web Hosting Searches Top Pick of 2008 and from then on we have gone from strength to strength.

2010 has been a particularly proud year in our history as we have been voted most popular by www.domainsdir.com in the consecutive months of May, June, July and August. We are grateful to our customers who take the time out to vote for our services and to spread the word about our services.

Winning awards isn't what we are all about though; we continuously strive to maintain our high levels of customer service and reliability through regular maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure and intensive training of our customer service representatives and technicians.

Below we have listed a few of the awards Gossimer has won over the past year:

  • webhosliir sep2010
  • webhosliir oct2010
  • webhosliir nov2010
  • webhosliir dec2010
  • domainsdir may2010
  • domainsdir june2010
  • domainsdir july2010
  • domainsdir aug2010
  • domainsdir sep2010
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  • domainsdir nov2010
  • domainsdir dec2010
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