About Gossimer

Web hosting and domain registration lessons learned the hard way

Gossimer founder Marvin Dreyer suffered so you don't have to.

After a hitch in the military, the former U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant pursued an information technology career and then decided to stake his own claim in the e-commerce world. He went looking for a web hosting and domain registration service for his knickknack business.

What he found was high-priced, low-service web hosting and domain registration services. Dreyer figured he could provide much better web hosting and domain registration for less money. In 2001, Dreyer launched Gossimer.com with just a single server.

E-commerce and web hosting drive impressive growth

Today, the provider of web hosting, domain registration and Internet site building has nearly 900 customers and has been growing at a 10 percent per month clip since June 2008. Dreyer's goal is an additional 100 new e-commerce, web hosting and domain registration customers per month over the next two years.

Gossimer's web hosting services have particular appeal for small- to medium-size businesses. But individuals also use his web hosting and domain registration offerings to create personal websites.

Blogs: A key feature for e-commerce, with hosting from Gossimer

Dreyer's seeing an uptick in business clients wanting blog hosting services. But many free blog hosting services have rules against using blogs for business promotion and advertising purposes.

Dreyer says blog hosting for business clients is quickly becoming a crucial element in Gossimer's e-commerce web hosting services.

"People are realizing that adding a blog to their overall e-commerce business strategy can greatly increase their search engine ratings and traffic,"

Dreyer says.

Gossimer's web hosting and e-commerce security features are another strong selling point. The company uses secure socket layer technology to create a secure, encrypted connection between the client and the web hosting provider's server.

Top-notch service = Trouble-free web hosting

Gossimer's most important distinction is its service to website owners. Dreyer's early experience with web hosting and domain registration providers motivated him to provide a full suite of services to help clients create a powerful web presence. Gossimer's service staff carefully guide clients through every stage of setting up their e-commerce sites and other websites.

Dreyer's focus on personalized attention in the confusing and intimidating world of web and blog hosting, domain registration and e-commerce is part of his plan to grow Gossimer into a recognized web hosting brand.

Building a name in domain registration and e-commerce

"Our vision is to pass the million customer mark and become a reliable household name that people can depend on," Dreyer says.

"We hope that when people think of web hosting, domain registration and creating a unique place on the web for their business, Gossimer is the business they think of first and the business they recommend to others."

Then Dreyer can say he turned his pain into website owners' gain.